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Montessori School  

Leander, TX

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Welcome to The Montessori Inclusive School, a premier learning center near Leander, TX that provides a top notch Montessori program for toddlers, preschoolers including kindergarten.  We also provide assistance and supervision to remote learning and homeschooling families.

Our school is committed to providing the best Montessori education in a warm and nurturing environment.  The Montessori Inclusive School follows key principles of a Montessori education such as:

  • Individualized Learning Every child is unique and at our school, we recognize each child's individuality.  Our students learn at their own pace, progressing through the specially designed Montessori materials whenever he or she is ready.

  • Hands-On Approach Children learn best by doing and through real experiences.  Our classrooms are equipped with concrete materials that children manipulate with their hands to discover, gain knowledge, and master concepts.  

  • Active Learning   In a Montessori classroom, you won't see children sitting at desks listening to their teacher giving a lecture.  Instead, children are active participants in their learning.  They use their senses to learn different concepts.

  • Independence  Children are encouraged to be independent learners with as little adult interference as possible.  They exercise skills that foster independence such as of caring for oneself,  others, and their environment,

  • Prepared Environment  The Montessori classroom is a special environment thoughtfully designed to meet and support the developmental needs and the natural learning process of children.

  • Multi-Age Classroom  The ages of children in a Montessori classroom usually spans three years, creating a close and caring atmosphere much like that of a family setting.  The younger children learn by modeling the older children and the older children get opportunities to practice their knowledge (and gain confidence) by helping and teaching the younger ones.

  • Self-Evaluation  Many of the Montessori materials are designed to be self-correcting.  This allows children to recognize and correct their own work without a teacher having to point out their mistake.

There are many toddler programs and preschools in Leander and we know that choosing the right one for your child can be a daunting task.  So we encourage you to contact our school or schedule a tour to learn more about our programs and what sets The Montessori Inclusive School apart from other preschools in the Leander community.

Our Academic Programs

We offer Montessori programs for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age children.

18 months

to 3 years

Preschool and


The Montessori Inclusive School

901 Royal Ln

Cedar Park, Texas 78613

(512) 520-5948

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